Table time three

This ministry is currently on hold. 

Meet some new friends by joining a Supper Club. We’ll pair you up with two other households to enjoy a meal together three times for three months. These rotate house to house, with each household hosting once. This short three month commitment provides an opportunity to make new friends to last a lifetime. Meals can be shared in your home as a potluck, host provides the meal or you can even meet at a restaurant to share fellowship. 


Small Groups

Christian friendship gets real in small groups. We are building groups of friends who are doing life together.

We envision displays of the greatest love as Christians lay down their lives for their friends. In these smaller settings, we rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. 

Our prayers for one another will be heartfelt and our service towards one another will be joyfully sacrificial. As we live our lives together, we will bear one another’s burdens and care for another’s needs. 

We see groups of Christians serving non-Christians and making known the way of salvation. We see sinners trusting Christ as their only way to heaven and becoming saints that are saved by the grace of God.

This is our vision for small groups. New groups are forming regularly. 

Click on this brochure if you would like to find out more.