Our Story

How it all started...

 Early in 1987, The Northwest Conservative Baptist Association surveyed the potential and decided that the time was ripe for a new church planting mission in Grants Pass. This church planting mission was started on March 13, 1987 with Harry Olsen as pastor. Services were held at New Hope Christian School facilities for the first couple of weeks.
After some renovation work on the previous Calvary Baptist Church Facilities at M Street, services began on April 6, 1987. The name decided upon for this new church mission was Calvary Crossroads. Attendance at the initial services was around 30 to 40 persons who were mostly former members of the previous Calvary Baptist Church.

About 16 months later, Bob Bonner, from Fisherman’s Fellowship, was invited to preach at Calvary Crossroads. Shortly thereafter, Fisherman’s Fellowship merged with Calvary Crossroads. By December 1988, the auditorium had to be modified to accommodate the growing attendance now averaging over 150 and later necessitated two worship services.
On May 4, 1989, incorporation documents were filed and approved on July 21st, 1989. After incorporation, the Northwest Conservative Baptist Association gave to Calvary Crossroads full title to the M Street property.
We praise God for His Spirit of life and joy that He breathed into this young fellowship. It is our prayer that as we continue to call our community to Worship and follow Savior Jesus Christ, that He will be glorified.